Using the site

This section details ways to navigate the site if you use a screen reader, use other assistive equipment, or have difficulty browsing websites.

Access keys

As much of the main navigation is based on a menu->sub-menu style, various 'skip' access keys are provided (as above). You can use the accessibility menu option: 'Jump to footer' (access-key ']') to move focus to the footer which contains just the main headings from the menu. Otherwise you can use the main menu access keys which are mapped as follows:

  • '1' - Home page
  • '2' - Sitemap
  • '3' - Assistance categories
  • '4' - How to apply
  • '5' - Eligibility criteria
  • '6' - Job support
  • '7' - Training Support
  • '8' - Contact
  • 'U' - Using the site

Page structure

All headings at the top of each content section are marked as Heading-1 (or h1), and all sub-headings are Heading-2 (h2.) On the occasion where there are points of emphasis within a sub-section, the points will be labelled with an Heading-3 (h3) tag.

You are able to access sub-menus on pages using 'Jump to content', which will take you to the start of the content, and if there is a sub-menu available it will be the first content that is read. The sub-menus are relatively small.

Images all have alt text. To avoid any confusion, there are no 'null' alt tags as all images have meaning. If you do happen to find an image without an alt tag please report it via the contact form.

Most links are provided in context to provide meaning, but where they are not, a title tag is provided.

Page style

The site is built for a screen resolution of 1024x768, but can be viewed with horizontal scrolling on lower resolutions.


The website does rely on Javascript for a number of things, however your visit to the site will not be impaired if you have Javascript turned off. You are able to access every part of the website without Javascript enabled.


When you print content from the Workbridge website you will only get the text and images from the content section. The header, navigation and footer will not appear on any pages that you print.